Saturday, March 12, 2011

Scene ten, tape ten and………action!!!


A director may say “action” as a signal to the actors or actress to start acting. Actually, acting is the work of an actor or actress, which is a person in television, film, or any other storytelling medium who tells the story by portraying a character by speaking or singing the written text or play. Besides that, acting is also one of the methods used by director to deliver the message to the community based on certain issue that is critically uncontrolled and continues for example baby dumping issue, teenager’s problems and so on. However, it’s hard to be a good actors or actress cause to do so; you need to have a passion of doing the act like Van Gough who is a well known painter. He never painted carefully because for him himself, good painter attacks his painting and he also said the principles of painting also go for acting, use a big brush and let it dribble. Therefore, to be an actor or actress, you need to learn, practice, try to have another personalities, has skills and so on.

Frankly speaking to me myself, acting is very very hard because I didn’t how to act… lately, my lecture had assigned my friends and me to a shooting regarding to Word on Street for class assignment. Together with four of my friend, Hawa, Jihan, Shamimi, Eza, we had recorded a short movie entitle “Word of the day”. We had chosen “greeting” as a word of the day.

Before we shoot a video, first of all, we have to create a storyboard as our direction what we going to do...Then five of us squeezing our ideas and alhamdulillah, its works and we managed to come out and finished our storyboard. After that, we meet with madam Mahani to show our storyboard and asked her whether it’s suitable or not. After, we got Madam Mahani approval; we proceed with our short movie and distribute our own parts.

 Me myself has a role of policeman interviewed by Jihan about the meaning of greeting. I felt very difficult to play my act because before this I never act but I like to see people acting. For my part, I have to act for several times and kept doing it until I managed to end my part.

The difficulties that I have to encountered was when I didn’t remembered my script and when I laughed because one of my friend made a joke. By hook or by crook, I had to do it until I finished my part. Besides that, I also have difficulties in editing the video when we all had done our parts. We have to find a suitable music, we have to cut the video, and we have to stay late until we finished our video.

Furthermore, in making this short video, I gained a lot of lessons, for example when we took something easily we will never succeed and we also need to practice and never give up because as saying practice makes perfect. Besides that, I also learned that team work and understand each other is very important to make sure the flow of our video. Moreover, in making this movie, I also got memorable memories with my friends. One of my memorable memories was when I shoot for the last scene and I saw something very funny and I couldn’t hold out my laugh until now if I remembered it. As a conclusion, when we are doing a work we need to have a lot of patient. This is because patient can help you to calm your feeling and it may help you to think positively in whatever conditions you are. 

Last but not least, this task had taught us a lot and gave us good experience on how to produce a video. Hope we can produce better video in the future and for my lecture ( Madam Mahani), my group members ( Hawa, Jihan, Shamimi, and Eza) and support actors ( Miss Suwita, Madam Mahani), thank you very much for all the supports……
Thanks once again….

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